Put Your Best Face Forward This Holiday Season With the Perfect Combination of Cosmetic Injectables

Female about to get injection

Going into the holidays, you want to put your best foot forward. Especially with all the time people in the United States are spending on Zoom and other web apps this year, looking your best keeps you feeling your best.

To put your best face forward this holiday season, get started now designing your perfect look with cosmetic injectables. By combining the cosmetic injectable options we offer at the office of Raymond Douglas, MD, PhD at his practice in Beverly Hills, California, you can achieve your aesthetic goals. Here’s what you need to know.

Rejuvenating your skin and facial shape

As you get older, your skin loses elasticity. You may have loose skin that causes sagging jowls, or you may lose facial fat and find that your sunken skin makes your face look aged and hollow-cheeked.

With cosmetic injectables, you can restore lost volume to your face, plumping out your cheeks, restoring your face shape, and concealing fine lines and wrinkles. From Botox® to dermal fillers like Restylane®, Dr. Douglas offers a full range of cosmetic injectable products and treatments.

Cosmetic injection procedures are minimally invasive, so you won’t need to plan on downtime after your session. Depending on which injectable you receive, treatments produce results that last for 3-4 months to more than a year.

Cosmetic injectable options and your aesthetic goals

In order to achieve your dream look, you may benefit from multiple cosmetic injectables working together. Dr. Douglas can advise you on the best procedures to deliver the results you’re looking for, while keeping your appearance natural and your face fully expressive.

You can select from – or combine – options including:

Many patients find that the perfect combination of injectables is Botox for the top half of their faces combined with fillers to plump up hollowed areas and minimize wrinkles on the bottom half. 

To get started on designing your customized combination of treatments to achieve your dream look for the holidays this year, get in touch with Dr. Douglas today. You can book your initial consultation by calling our office in Los Angeles, California, now.

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